What to Expect

1. Expected to be greeted by a group of believer's who truly believe in Olivet's Motto, "Where Everyone is Family."

2. You will notice the church comprises of multigenerational and multiethnic individuals. 

3.  Our church member's clothing can range from Jeans & tee shirts to Suit & tie.  We do not dictate how people dress.  All we ask is that you do your best to dress in a manner that the general public would consider appropriate when conducting business throughout the day. 

4. A Deacon within the Church will orient you to the sanctuary, classrooms, restrooms, etc.

5. You will receive a first time visitor's card fill-out if you are willing.

6. You will not be asked to introduce yourself to the entire congregation.

7. Expect the pastor to speak with you at the end of service.  You are free to ask questions about our church doctrine, activities, and future direction.

8. We will follow up with you a few day after your visit.  Our intent is not to pester you but to answers questions or concerns that may arise, pray with you, and provide other supports. We want to add new members to our congregation, but we also understand that God may have other plans for some of those who visitor.  In light of this,  let us know if we can assist you finding your church home.


  May 2022  
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